Men’s Ministries

Tuesday evening Men’s Bible Study

Mostly for men in their 30s, 40s and 50s but open to all the men of the Grace network, the Men’s Bible Study meets fortnightly on a Tuesday evening at one of the men’s houses. The group aims to provide support and friendship for one another in the midst of the pressures we face at work and home. We look to God’s word for guidance and encouragement on how to live for Christ as husbands, fathers, friends and workers.

Tuesday morning Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Mostly for men aged 60 and over, the Men’s Prayer Breakfast meets every Tuesday morning at St Matt’s from 7am-8am. Each week a short devotion is shared and the needs of one international country are prayed for. A great place of fellowship, the group is always open to new members.

Men Behaving Godly

Once a term we hold an event to bring together all the men of the Grace network and address a topic of interest to men. It might be a Saturday breakfast or Friday evening event. Once or twice a year we will tailor the event for men who are not yet Christians so that they can hear about the true man, Jesus Christ. Check the calendar for details of the next MBG event.

Adelaide Men’s Convention

The AMC is an annual day conference that aims to inspire the men of South Australia to live their lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. There is always excellent teaching from God’s word, applied specifically to encourage men to live out their God given calling. With engaging seminars, discussion groups and interviews, and the opportunity to join 500+ men all lifting their voices in praise of God, the AMC is a day not to be missed!

AMC 2014 will be held on Saturday 10th May at Concordia College. Ray Galea is the main speaker and the topic will be “No Regrets: Anger, Adultery and Anxiety”. More details are available from the Adelaide Men’s Convention website.

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