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Easter services for the Grace Anglican Network:

2016-03-16 (2)


St Bart’s 10am Sunday service embraces people of all ages and backgrounds. The style of service blends contemporary and traditional elements and has the feel of being both relaxed and reverent.

Throughout the service, in our songs, prayers, readings and teaching, our aim is to engage with God by engaging with his Word. We value quality music for our praise to God, and we love having the Bible well read and well taught. Each Sunday we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection by celebrating the Lord’s Supper.

Our Children’s program caters for ages 0-13 and is overseen by our qualified Children’s minister, Danielle Ho, together with a large team of volunteers.

After the service we enjoy morning tea around the tables in the ‘Cafe area’ of St Bart’s. This is a great way for people to get to know each other better and share life together.

The 10am service at St Bart’s is overseen by Simon Jackson.


Our 5pm Sunday service is relaxed and informal. The congregation of around 70 are mostly in the 16-30 age bracket. The music is led by a contemporary band. There is often an opportunity for anyone to share a prayer request or encouragement from the front. The Lord’s Supper is shared monthly. There is always food to be enjoyed after the service – either at the church or at a local restaurant.

The 5pm service is overseen by Shane Ellery.


If you would like to know more before coming for the first time to either service, please email office@gracenetwork.asn.au and one of our staff members can provide you with more information.

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St Bartholomew's Church is part of the Grace Anglican Network.