Another year; another 52 sermons…if you come to church that is….

“Do you know how to listen to a sermon?” You may think that’s a stupid question.  After all, it would be pointless to ask “do you know how to watch TV.” I mean listening to a sermon is easier than watching TV, right. For starters you don’t have to deal with the remote control! Listening to a sermon is a passive activity, something preached to me, not something I actively do. Ah, but it’s not. It’s a life-and-death business, listening to sermons. Here are my top-five pointers to listening and living…

  1. Expect God to speak. “If anyone speaks,” Peter writes about Bible teaching in church, “he should do it as one speaking the very words of God” (1 Pet. 4:11). If you listen to a faithful sermon, you should do so as if hearing the very words of God. What a sensational reality! God speaking to us.
  1. Admit that God knows better than you do.Ouch! We need to sit under the Word in humility, not over it in judgment. God is God and we are not. Be ready to adjust your opinions, beliefs, heart and life! God’s word should always surprise you.
  1. Hear the sermon in church.Listening to sermons is not a “me and God” thing; it’s a “God shaping us together” thing. We listen together. Be in church and…
  1. Be there week by week.Make church an immovable item in your 2016 diary. We breathe the cultural air of anti-commitment. Yet, God shapes and molds our minds, hearts, and character over time by the steady drip, drip of his Word.
  1. Do what the Bible says today— live and rejoice. “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” so says Psalm 95 and Hebrews 3.15. Today. There is an urgency to our hearing. Don’t put it off till tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come.

You see, listening to sermons isn’t passive at all. Come alive in Christ during 2016 as you sit under His awesome word!

See you at church ready to listen and as always keep trusting Jesus,

Simon (Pastor, Grace Norwood)

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