The Gift that keeps on giving

We all know the feeling of ‘what on earth are we going to do with this?’ or the disappointment when the wiz bang toy breaks on its first use.

The true gift of Christmas is a gift that just keeps on giving, always, even into eternity.  It is the gift of God’s unconditional love shown to us in the forgiveness we so desperately need and the restoration of relationship with Him and from that with others we so deeply long for.

As we sing again the great carols and retell the Christmas story, take a moment to reflect on the intensity of God’s love for you in Jesus Christ.  His love is a love that will bring you that joy, peace and hope that we sing about at Christmas.

It is a true joy because it is underpinned by the steadfast love of God.  It is a real peace because it is a peace that comes through Jesus’ death.  It is a sure hope because Jesus was raised from the dead.

Our prayer for you here at Grace Anglican Network is that you will know more and more of the wonderful love of God for you in Jesus Christ.  That you will accept this gift of God’s grace.  That you will be filled with all joy and peace in believing.

We invite you to come again and explore more of God’s love.

With blessings,  David Bassett (Senior Minister)

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